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Lone Pine, CA.

An 8.0 Earthquake Rattled This Small Town!

Map data: 2013 Google, 2013 DigitalGlobe

Location of Lone Pine, CA.

Halfway between Thousand Oaks and Mammoth Mountain

​36.6 latitude, -118.1 longitude


~8.0 Earthquake

Although the Lone Pine Fault is not part of the San Andreas Fault, it is worth mentioning here.


In 1872, Lone Pine, CA. was shaken by an earthquake similar in size to the famous quake that hit San Francisco.

On a Tuesday morning at 2:35 am, the inhabitants of Lone Pine were awaken to the shaking of an 8.0 earthquake.  52 out of the 59 homes were destroyed.


The nearby 'Lone Pine Fault' moved the ground up 17 feet (see picture of the vertical movement).  This movement of the ground is called a "Fault Scarp".

Mount Whitney in the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains

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